Thursday, 11 March 2010

Birmingham NIA

Just as I did on the 06 tour and you may have seen in the Boosh book, during the last 08/09 Boosh tour I shot each venue we played from the stage before the doors were open. At the top of the staircase where I did my Nannageddon screaming! Will post a few of my favs.


  1. These are just incredible. The first set was already one of my very favorite parts of the book--a rare opportunity for us to see things exactly as you guys saw them.

    I wondered then and now, Is it difficult to adjust to all the different venue shapes and sizes and seating layouts, night after night, or does it not really affect you as a performer?

  2. They´re beautiful.
    I would like to live inside your head!

  3. Indeed... these shots are truly beautiful. Something most of us will never see so I'm glad you're sharing!